Important Tips When Choosing New Carpeting For the Home

Important Tips When Choosing New Carpeting For the Home

9 October 2017
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Having new carpeting installed throughout your house can make the entire home seem updated and modern, and a fresh new layer of carpeting may offer added comfort underfoot as well as sound insulation. However, carpeting can be an expensive investment, especially if you're installing it throughout the entire home, so you want to ensure you take the time needed to shop all your options for materials, cut and colour. Note a few important tips that can help you with that decision before you even begin to shop.


Carpet can be cut or loop pile; this refers to the loops of fibres that are sewn onto the carpet backing. Cut pile is when the tops of those loops are cut, as the name would imply. If you put your finger through cut pile fibres, you could easily pull that finger right back out, without it getting caught. This pile of carpeting is very durable and easy to clean, as a vacuum cleaner can more readily pull dirt and debris out of the carpet's base when the loop or pile is cut.

Loop pile is when that loop of fibre is not cut at the top; if you slid your finger into loop pile carpeting, that finger may get caught in those loops. Loop pile carpeting doesn't get matted down as easily as cut pile carpeting, as the closed loop offers more support for the fibres. Use loop pile in heavily trafficked areas, such as hallways or family rooms.

For potential stains

If you have children or pets, or if you are installing the carpeting in a room where food is always present, choose olefin, polyester or nylon. These materials are naturally stain-resistant and can usually be cleaned easily with a damp rag.


Choosing the right colour of carpeting can be a challenge, as you may not know what to match in various rooms. One tip to consider is to choose the largest and most visible piece of furniture in the room, and then opt for a complementary colour of carpeting.

If you have a neutral colour, such as white linens on the bed, and aren't sure what colour of carpeting to choose, note the paint colour, the colour of the drapes, or the colour of the artwork in the room, depending on which piece is the most noticeable. You might also consider your overall taste; if you like heavy wood furniture, choose a light tan carpet to offset those pieces. If you prefer metal and glass, opt for a greyish colour that will coordinate with metallic colours.

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