4 Reasons to Go Baseless with Your Built-In Wardrobe

4 Reasons to Go Baseless with Your Built-In Wardrobe

11 October 2017
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One of the best things about having a built-in wardrobe fitted is being able to customize it, and that comes with functional as well as cosmetic benefits. For example, you can choose whether you want the wardrobe to have a raised base or to use the natural flooring of your room for its own bottom.

There are benefits on both sides, but most homeowners will enjoy having their built-in wardrobes fitted free of any raised base, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Easier Cleaning

The major advantage that comes with using a baseless wardrobe is easier cleaning. Your wardrobes can get surprisingly dusty and dirty because anything that gets on your clothes outside can come lose. Cleaning a base can be tricky because it will be raised from the floor, meaning you have to scrub it down with a cloth, making sure you get into all the corners. If there's no base, you can simply use your vacuum to get everything up, just as you would for the rest of the room.

2. Added Space

People tend to worry more about horizontal space and vertical space when it comes to cupboards, but vertical is still worth considering. If you need to hang long dresses, you want them to hang free instead of having their bottoms meeting whatever you have stored at the bottom of the wardrobe. A raised base will reduce your vertical space, while a baseless wardrobe provides as much as possible.

3. Easier Storage

Maybe you only keep a couple of trainers at the bottom of your wardrobe. That's great, but you might someday want to store something heavier, such as a vacuum cleaner or a large suitcase. With a baseless wardrobe, you can slip or wheel those items right in without a thought. But with a base, which adds that extra height, you'll need to lift up any heavy item and awkwardly manoeuvre it inside.

4. Added Versatility

Finally, going without a base simply makes a wardrobe more versatile. Remember, your situation or desires may change before you leave your property. If a child ever goes in that room, you can remove the doors of the wardrobe to create a place for a desk and chair. You could also remove the doors and place a TV in there, or you could extend outwards and make it into a walk-in wardrobe. The point is that only a baseless model will allow such versatility.

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