4 Reasons You Should Choose Venetian Blinds for Your Bathroom

4 Reasons You Should Choose Venetian Blinds for Your Bathroom

25 April 2018
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Every room should have a set of blinds to let you control the amount of light that gets inside, and it's always wise to think long and hard about the type of blinds you use. For the bathroom, Venetian blinds make a lot of sense, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Perfect Control

Of all the benefits that come with Venetian blinds, the level of control you're able to exert is probably the most compelling, especially when you're putting them in the bathroom. All it takes is the twist of a cord to adjust how the slats are angled. When you aren't using the bathroom, you can open them all the way to let in plenty of light. When you're showering, you can adjust them so light can come in from above but nobody can see inside from below or across the street. When you want to relax in a nice warm bath, you can shut them entirely, light a few candles, and make the bathroom into your own private sanctuary.

2. Easy to Keep Clean and Hygienic

Venetian blinds are incredibly easy to keep clean. All you need to do is take a damp cloth to each strip to have the blinds good as new. That's great in the bathroom since cleaning that room is always a pain. It's also advantageous since there's nowhere for moisture to get trapped. With roller blinds, moisture can get caught when the blinds are fully rolled. The same is true with roman blinds. Trapped moisture can lead to mould problems, so Venetian blinds make sense in the bathroom.

3. Array of Styles and Materials

With most blinds, their design can only work with a few select materials. That's not the case with Venetian blinds—you'll find them in vast array of materials and styles, so you can fit Venetian blinds with any bathroom décor. Better yet, you have the option to choose materials that won't experience any moisture problems when they get wet.

4. Easily Made to Measure

It's usually best to have your blinds made-to-measure, but it's even more important when those blinds are going in the bathroom. After all, the window you're covering is going to be one you often stand in front of without anything on. Venetian blinds are very easy to make to measure since you need only vary the width of each slat and the overall number used.

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