5 Reasons to Choose Roller Blinds Over Roman Blinds

5 Reasons to Choose Roller Blinds Over Roman Blinds

27 September 2018
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People don't often think much about blinds, but the type you pick makes a significant difference to the room in which you fit them.

Two of the most common types are roller blinds and Roman blinds. While a roller blind rolls up around one long tube at the top of a window, Roman blinds are built using internal supports to make the material fold into pleats.

They both offer their own advantages, but here are just four reasons why you should choose roller blinds over Roman.

1. Cost Less

If you're looking to stick to a tighter budget, roller blinds are almost always the way to go. They're far simpler than Roman blinds, which makes them easier to build and cheaper to buy. Additionally, roller blinds don't need to be custom-fit around your window because they come in just about every size you could imagine. Roman blinds generally need to be custom-made.

2. Roll Up Tight

Because of the way Roman blinds work, one section always hangs down from the top of your window. This can be fine if you're using your blinds to tie together the room's look, but it becomes troublesome when you just want your blinds out of the way. Roller blinds roll up tight, so they're barely visible and block no sunlight when you put them up.

3. Stay Looking Good

One issue with Roman blind construction is that it gives dust a place to get trapped. When layers around folded up, they also trap dust, which is why you'll sometimes see marks along the folds of older Roman blinds. With roller blinds, that's not an issue you need to worry about.

4. Harder to Break

Since Roman blinds are more complex than roller blinds, there's much more that can go wrong. If one of the internal rods gets snapped or knocked out of alignment, you won't be able to bring your blinds up and down properly. Roller blinds are extremely simple – there's nothing that can go wrong with roller blinds that can't also go wrong with Roman blinds.

5. Block More Light

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, roller blinds tend to block out more light than Roman blinds. That's because they can be fitted with blackout lining; when you bring those blinds down, you'll plunge the room into near total darkness. If you're going to be putting the blinds in a bedroom or anywhere else you'd like full dark at any time of day, look for roller blinds instead of Roman blinds.

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