The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to escape the heat in your home this summer

The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to escape the heat in your home this summer

30 November 2019
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Trying to keep cool in the Australian summer is a perpetual battle that no one ever really wins forever. The best you can hope for is to minimise the effects of the heat in the most practical way you can. However, many cooling solutions require a large investment with air conditioners (portable and fixed) costing thousands of dollars. Those air conditioners also have a limited range unless you get a ventilated system, which can start approaching the five-figure mark in costs. Portable fans are also good, but if your home is already hot, then the effects of a fan have an even narrower range. Luckily there is another option.

Roller Blinds

The best way to stop your home from heating up is to stop the prime culprit for heat from entering your home: the sun. Australia is blessed with an abundance of sunlight, but this blessing can double as a curse, especially in the summer months. Keeping as much sun out of your home as possible will help to drastically reduce the indoor temperature when compared to the outside. You may be asking why you should not use some other window covering. Well, the answer is simple: roller blinds are cheaper and provide the same function that other window treatments do at much higher costs.

Diminishing Returns

When it comes to window coverings, there are huge variations in costs. Some window treatments cost hundreds of dollars, but are they worth more than high-quality roller blinds? Of course not. Roller blinds provide perfectly adequate shade, and you can get blinds with varying levels of thickness so you can choose how much sun you want to let in. If you have the money and want expensive window treatments, by all means, go for it. But for people who don't feel like spending very much on window coverings, roller blinds are a great option.

Easy To Install

Roller blinds do not require many special considerations when installing them, which means most blind retailers will be able to provide someone to put them in for you at a lower cost than more elaborate window treatment designs. Often when you go into the shop and find the roller blinds you want, you can often get them installed that very same week, if not the same day. You don't have to spend weeks waiting for a spot in a particular professional's schedule. You can get your blinds in and keep your home cool straight away.

To learn more about roller blinds, consult a resource in your area.

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