A Guide to Selecting Roller Blinds

A Guide to Selecting Roller Blinds

17 January 2019
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Roller blinds are an excellent addition for enhancing the look and feel of a home. They are fitted on a roller and can roll up or down by the use of a chord. They are available in a range of fabrics and textures and pair well with modern décor. Choosing roller blinds may be a difficult process, and the following tips will guide you in selecting the perfect roller blinds.

Purpose of blinds

The first thing you should consider is the reason why you are buying the roller blinds. Do you need the roller blinds for privacy purposes or for insulation? If you are looking for blinds for insulation, then plastic blinds are suitable, and block-out rollers are suitable for blocking the harsh sun rays. Block-out rollers are also ideal for entertainment rooms, bedrooms and nurseries. Block-out blinds work to reduce heat in a home depending on the fabric and colour you choose. They are also suitable for privacy. Sunscreen roller blinds offer you protection from UV rays and filter light in your home. Roller blinds with transparent fabrics reduce light and heat penetration in a room and protect your furniture and floor. Roller blinds also come in handy during winter, as they do not allow cold air to pass through.


Before purchasing roller blinds, you should first measure your windows in order to buy the right size. If you do not know how to carry out the exact measurements, then hire a professional to perform this task for you. Taking measurements is important, as the price you are paying for your blinds depends on the space they cover. There are also ready-made blinds with a standard shape and size when you do not have the budget for custom-made blinds.


Roller blinds are available in a range of fabrics that can suit your décor. Aluminium roller blinds are suitable for regions with high heat due to their reflective surface that eliminates excess heat. Roller blinds for wet rooms such as bathrooms are designed with fabric that is moisture-resistant. When buying roller blinds, you should buy them in a range of fabrics depending on the room you want to use them in.


Roller blinds can be automated or hand-operated.  Automated roller blinds work with a push of a button that allows the blinds to roll away when not in use. You can opt for motorised blinds that are simple to use.

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