How to Choose the Best Timber Floor

How to Choose the Best Timber Floor

9 October 2017
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When building or renovating your home, there will be that critical moment when you need to choose your flooring. Timber flooring is a great choice but with so many options to pick from, how do you make the right choice? Take the following steps to find the right timber flooring.

Make a list of your flooring needs

List everything you want in your flooring. If you prefer, quiet and sound-proof rooms or  a warm, and gentle floor for babies; put it down on paper. Having a list of what you want will guide your supplier in giving you the best timber for your floor. It will also eliminate confusion in your search.


Changing the flooring every so often can be exhausting. Pick timber flooring that will last. Choose the material based on the area it will be used in. There is more traffic in the living room and you will therefore need a more resilient material like bamboo and red iron-bark timber as opposed to the bedroom where traffic is greatly reduced.

Colour coordination

Your timber flooring should not only be functional but part of your room décor as well. Choose a colour, pattern and type that will match the furniture and accessories in the room. For a formal setting, choose darker colours. Go for lighter colours on the other hand, to give a casual feel. 


Go for flooring that you can maintain with ease. Timber flooring requires protection from moisture and wear and tear. There are specific cleaning products that go with your particular type of flooring. Pick one that you can afford and use with ease.


The different types of timber flooring have different costs. Pick one that is within your budget but meets your requirements.

Know the different options

Do your research to be better placed in making this decision. Rate different timber floorings based on cost, durability, maintenance among others and then pick the best. For example recycled wood is stronger and more durable than new timber and bamboo is very strong making it excellent for use in high traffic areas.

Get professional help

Find flooring experts in your area and seek their opinion. The fact that they deal with floorings on a daily basis makes them better qualified in giving you guidance on the timber flooring to choose.

The above easy steps will help you pick a comfortable, fashionable and beautiful timber flooring for your home.

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