You Don't Need an Alarm to Improve Your Home's Security

You Don't Need an Alarm to Improve Your Home's Security

13 October 2017
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An alarm is a good way to improve home security, but some homeowners may be uncomfortable with the technology of an alarm, and may worry about it going off accidentally and bothering the neighbours or frightening the children. Fortunately, there are other ways you can improve your home's security, without any type of alarm, cameras or other high-tech equipment. Note a few of those suggestions here.

Upgrade the glass

The glass used for residential windows and doors is usually somewhat thick, but it's not always shatterproof; this is especially true if you don't have double-glazed glass in windows, patio doors, glass inserts and the like.

You don't need actual plexiglass to improve security, but you can upgrade window and door glass to something thick, that is more difficult to break with a rock or pry bar. This can deter what are called "smash and grab" thieves, who smash a window, take whatever they can quickly retrieve from the home, and leave as fast as possible. If the glass doesn't readily break, they aren't likely to keep trying, and may move on to another target.

Motorize the window treatments

You may remember setting a radio and television to a timer when you went on vacation, to trick people into thinking the home was occupied. You can do the same today with motorized curtains, blinds and shades; these can be set to a timer so that they get adjusted throughout the day, even if the home is empty. A potential burglar only needs to see any slight movement in the home before getting scared off, so setting the window treatments to open and close a few times while you're away can add to your home's security.

Security screens

Security screens over the windows and a security screen door are not the same as unsightly "burglar bars." Security screens are just that; mesh screens that can look just like standard screens, but which are much stronger and more durable; they are usually made of steel or a nylon material that can't be cut with bolt cutters. Both window screens and security screen doors will have stronger locks, including a thick deadbolt, that also makes them harder to open. The hinges may be hidden within the frame of the screen so they can't be taken off the doorframe. Despite all these security advantages, these screens may be just as attractive as standard screens, and they may even enhance your home's appearance rather than detract from it.

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