3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Very Small Budget

3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Very Small Budget

16 October 2017
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If your bathroom is looking tired and dated, then you might love the idea of a renovation project to give it a fresh and modern look. Bathroom renovations might be a relatively small project in comparison to other rooms in the house, but it will still involve a fairly significant amount of money to replace old and tarnished fixtures and fittings.

Fortunately, it is possible to transform your bathroom into a more contemporary and attractive space without spending a fortune. Here are three quick and inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your old bathroom.

1. Update your tapware with electroplating

Tapware is one of the features that will show the signs of age and wear and tear most readily. Tarnished, dull, scratched and water stained metal taps look unsightly and do nothing for the overall look of your bathroom. Instead of expensive replacement, you can have your old tapware revamped with electroplating.

Electroplating is the process of adding a thin layer of metal to the surface of an object. It uses an electrical current to change the molecular structure of the metal which allows it to settle uniformly on your tapware. You can choose from stainless steel, copper or brass to make your old tapware look like new again.

2. Makeover your bathtub and sink with resurfacing

Bathtubs and sinks are two other features of a bathroom that time isn't kind to. These high-use features can become stained, chipped, worn and discoloured from minerals in the water. They are also two of the most expensive items to replace during a bathroom renovation project.

Resurfacing involves adding a thin layer of spray-on sealant to the surface of the tub or sink. This restores the surface both practically and aesthetically. It also gives you the opportunity to change the colour of these features. You can say goodbye to ugly pink or avocado tubs and sinks and welcome in a modern white, sand or charcoal look.

3. Freshen the walls and tiles with new paint

Painting the walls of a room is the fastest way to give it a clean and contemporary new look. It's also very affordable, particularly in a bathroom where the wall area is likely to quite small in comparison to other rooms. Opt for a light, warm and neutral colour that will brighten and lighten the space.

If your bathroom has more tiles than painted surfaces, you'll still be able to revamp it with paint. Most hardware stores sell special tile paint which will update the look of your old tiles without the hefty price tag involved with ripping them out and replacing them.

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