Important Tips When Choosing New Carpeting For the Home

9 October 2017
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Having new carpeting installed throughout your house can make the entire home seem updated and modern, and a fresh new layer of carpeting may offer added comfort underfoot as well as sound insulation. However, carpeting can be an expensive investment, especially if you're installing it throughout the entire home, so you want to ensure you take the time needed to shop all your options for materials, cut and colour. Note a few important tips that can help you with that decision before you even begin to shop. Read More …

How to Choose the Best Timber Floor

9 October 2017
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When building or renovating your home, there will be that critical moment when you need to choose your flooring. Timber flooring is a great choice but with so many options to pick from, how do you make the right choice? Take the following steps to find the right timber flooring. Make a list of your flooring needs List everything you want in your flooring. If you prefer, quiet and sound-proof rooms or  a warm, and gentle floor for babies; put it down on paper. Read More …

2 Additions To Make Your Outdoor Living Space More Private

2 October 2017
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Outdoor living spaces are an important feature for many Australian homeowners. A deck or patio is seen as a place to relax, spend time with family and entertain guests. For this reason, decks and patios often become more than simply an outdoor area and are transformed into an extension of the interior living spaces. If your deck or patio lacks privacy, then you may be looking to add some features that will make it a more secluded space. Read More …

Choosing the Best Awnings for Your Home

27 September 2017
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Awnings are a great choice for any home, as they provide shade and protection from rain and wind, both for the interior of the home and for a patio or deck area under the awning. Awnings can also provide some style to the home's exterior, with a bright pop of colour or some fun stripes, or any other type of design you choose. Since there is such a wide variety of awnings available, and since you might get a bit overwhelmed in choosing a style for your home, note a few tips on how to find the best awnings for your home's exterior. Read More …

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